7×05 First Reactions Video

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Author: Daniel

Hey there, 26 year old TV junkie, podcaster, and aspiring screenwriter here. I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Film Studies and I love watching TV almost as much as I love criticizing it. My favorite shows include Buffy, The 100, Doctor Who, LOST, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and so many more. Podcasting has been a passion of mine for over 7 years and I've covered a wide variety of (what I'd consider) guilty pleasure TV. This includes everything from Glee to MTV's Scream, to Girl Meets World. I love diving deep into a show, dissecting its storytelling, and commenting on the social and representational messages it provides. Currently, I reside in the Greater Boston area where I do freelance video editing for numerous companies. I've made several short films and I'm currently converting my basement into a mini studio so that I can build a YouTube channel. In my free time I design amateur video games using the Unity Game Engine and go to comedy shows with my wonderful girlfriend.

One thought on “7×05 First Reactions Video”

  1. The fifth episode was brilliant, and I enjoyed your first comments on the episode as well.
    In the case of the Hesperides, the mythological reference was very clear, while it was not revealed directly in the name of the planet. Bardo describes the intermediate state between two lives. Therefore, this is a land of shadows, just as intangible and personified as the Hesperides. There is Platon around the corner as well.
    I does not know if it is that important to decode the time dilations between the individual places. But I am very interesting in how Daniel will solve it. It is very astonishing why a time delation was diagnosed at all. (a) That might be possible, if one or more objects move at almost the speed of light. We saw rooms, corridors, an elevator and an arboretum in Bardo, but not a building in an environment. These are evidences for an underground city. In this case, the planet itself could move at the speed of light. (b) Or is one planet near the time horizon of a black hole, perhaps Sanctum and/or Skyring?
    Although a great number of timelines were tied up again this time, because of the indexing, it was easier to understand. Now we also know why Hope and Echo changed their hairstyle before escaping from Skyring. It is a help for us to distinguish them from their former selves. The information about Clarke were given the Bardoans by Octavia as well as by Bellamy.
    I liked Levitt. He not only tried to keep information out of Octavia’s brain, but besides Bellamy and Lincoln, he was the only one who also build an empathetic relationship with her and helped her to escape from Bardo using the wormhole generator and masking Octavia’s identity with Hope’s which is a spiral diagram burnt into her back. Octavia was hidden like on the Ark, this time not under the ground, but under a name. One could return her by this name. She showed her “good heart” in Bardo twice, when she is willing to have examined her brain for memories to save Hope and when she offered to stay in Bardo to save Bellamy and to exchange information to the Bardoans.
    Bellamy’s supposed death was shocking, but you have already explained that it is unnecessary to let him die in this episode, because Octavia negotiated this mentioned deal, if he is set free. However, she assumed that her brother died after the explosion. One explanation could be that the shock wave pushed him and his hostage into the wormhole, which collapsed, before the vaporization would harm him. Both, Echo and Octavia were broken down under the supposed death. While Octavia supposedly loses the one who has sworn to protect her life, Echo loses the one who saved her from the cage in Mt. Weather from harvesting. While Octavia swore mantra-like that she is not afraid, Echo took revenge on a scientist. Echo, a name which indicates that she was a Hesperide, got lost because she was apparently disparated (in the truest sense of the word) from whom her existence was the reason for.
    Names are playing a great role in Bardo. Levitt, Jeremiah as well as Echo, Gabriel, Hope and Octavia are the best example to demonstrate this. Octavia, the eigth, took over an important role in Bardo by given information about The 100. And I suppose Gabriel himself will have been in his own function something like a hesperide if we think about the role of archangel Gabriel in the announcement of the Messiah (Lk 1,26-33), the sheperd, the disciples flock like a herd around. Furthermore, he is the angel who will fight alongside the Israelits in their last war that will end all wars.
    I also like the question of who the shepherd will be. In addition to Hope, Indra and Clarke, one could imagine Murphy and Gabriel as candidates. Indra shows her strength as Heda very clearly in this episode and is sure to fight Sheidheda again. Murphy surprises again with his selfless commitment to the children. In my opinion, Clarke is more of a warrior; she will fight the last war. For the time afterwards, however, a prince of peace will be sought who gives hope for life and who leads the resurrection of the disciples. I think at this point, Hope will be the shepherd. At the gathering in the arboretum she is already undetected among the people. And I think, Levitt already recognized the shepherd in young Hope.


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