7×08 First Reactions Video

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Author: Daniel

Hey there, 26 year old TV junkie, podcaster, and aspiring screenwriter here. I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Film Studies and I love watching TV almost as much as I love criticizing it. My favorite shows include Buffy, The 100, Doctor Who, LOST, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and so many more. Podcasting has been a passion of mine for over 7 years and I've covered a wide variety of (what I'd consider) guilty pleasure TV. This includes everything from Glee to MTV's Scream, to Girl Meets World. I love diving deep into a show, dissecting its storytelling, and commenting on the social and representational messages it provides. Currently, I reside in the Greater Boston area where I do freelance video editing for numerous companies. I've made several short films and I'm currently converting my basement into a mini studio so that I can build a YouTube channel. In my free time I design amateur video games using the Unity Game Engine and go to comedy shows with my wonderful girlfriend.

2 thoughts on “7×08 First Reactions Video”

  1. It is fantastic to see the episodes and your first reaction to it. Isupposed that Kelly is the next commander because Bill asked Clarke if she is there, and Clarke confirmed it. I think that Reese becomes the flame keeper. He saw how Becca was burnt and his mother was thrown out of the bunker by her own husband. Therefore, he emancipated out of BillĀ“s hands.
    Furthermore, it was very interessting, hat the stone is more than only a stone, that there is music an mathematics involved. I like this episode. Therefore I am looking forward to watching the next episodes.


  2. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but the white light that Becca went into looked an awful lot like the white light that took Bellamy.


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