7×02 First Reactions Video

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Author: Daniel

Hey there, 26 year old TV junkie, podcaster, and aspiring screenwriter here. I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Film Studies and I love watching TV almost as much as I love criticizing it. My favorite shows include Buffy, The 100, Doctor Who, LOST, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and so many more. Podcasting has been a passion of mine for over 7 years and I've covered a wide variety of (what I'd consider) guilty pleasure TV. This includes everything from Glee to MTV's Scream, to Girl Meets World. I love diving deep into a show, dissecting its storytelling, and commenting on the social and representational messages it provides. Currently, I reside in the Greater Boston area where I do freelance video editing for numerous companies. I've made several short films and I'm currently converting my basement into a mini studio so that I can build a YouTube channel. In my free time I design amateur video games using the Unity Game Engine and go to comedy shows with my wonderful girlfriend.

One thought on “7×02 First Reactions Video”

  1. Hey, late congrats on the engagement!

    I agree with you about Echo’s writing. I feel like there has to be a bigger reason why the writers had those three together. In a former podcast, you mentioned that having Echo leave for 5 year time jump could be a way to end Becho. Maybe that is what Gabriel is there for, other than his fancy science knowledge? Five years is a long time to pine for someone (Bellamy) when they were only together for like 2 years max.
    I don’t know how I feel about this season so far. I am conflicted because I have such high hopes for the last season, but have been so disappointed before with the last two seasons.

    I love your podcasts! Thank you for being great.


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