5×01: Eden

On this week’s podcast Dan and Olga discuss The 100 season 5 episode 1 entitled “Eden.” We give our thoughts on the episode and read a mountain of listener feedback. The music for this episode is “Eden” by The Script. Please send any feedback to @The100Podcast on Twitter. Thanks for listening!

For a direct link to the audio click here.

Author: Daniel

Hey there, 26 year old TV junkie, podcaster, and aspiring screenwriter here. I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Film Studies and I love watching TV almost as much as I love criticizing it. My favorite shows include Buffy, The 100, Doctor Who, LOST, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and so many more. Podcasting has been a passion of mine for over 7 years and I've covered a wide variety of (what I'd consider) guilty pleasure TV. This includes everything from Glee to MTV's Scream, to Girl Meets World. I love diving deep into a show, dissecting its storytelling, and commenting on the social and representational messages it provides. Currently, I reside in the Greater Boston area where I do freelance video editing for numerous companies. I've made several short films and I'm currently converting my basement into a mini studio so that I can build a YouTube channel. In my free time I design amateur video games using the Unity Game Engine and go to comedy shows with my wonderful girlfriend.

One thought on “5×01: Eden”

  1. A couple things: Echo and Bellamy. I believe the conversation is foreshadowing, Octavia is going to kill her creating the juxtaposition between Lincolns death and effect on Octavia and Echos on Bellamy.

    I believe Rothensburg said in some ways Octavia is the big bad of the season. Which fits this narrative.

    Maybe it will lead to Bellamy siding with the prisoners along with most of the space crew. As long as Abby is with Wunkrew Clarke will want to ensure they are safe. Also Maddi is a night blood, I can’t recall did we know Clarke still had night blood in s4? I can’t recall, anyway, there will be those in the grounders that believe a night blood needs to be the leader will this lead to conflict with Octavia and Clarke? It will be a bit of shame if it does, those 2 haven’t really been friends for a long time I was hoping we’d see that but it doesnt look that way.

    On Clarke using the radio, she talked to all of them I believe using everyone’s name but Bellamy when she was speaking to them. Most was to Bellamy.

    Clarke killing the murder, she knew from watching them and the ship these are hard people and if they had her not Maddi in that position that guy wouldn’t be about showing her mercy.

    That’s just my guess, I don’t believe they are going for a love triangle it’s a trope that the 100 doesnt need. And they should be acutely aware of tropes by now.

    Note I haven’t watched e2 yet.

    Interesting conversation. I do agree with most people I wish e1 was just about Clarke and Madi, but I know they have contractual obligations to fit people into all episodes, but it still. It was the heart of the episode.


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