No 6×11 Review

Heads up…. We’ve decided to skip doing a review for 6×11. It’s been a super hectic week on our end and Olga’s particularly busy with family visiting from out of the country. I need time to mentally refresh before jumping into an insane work day tomorrow. Sorry to those looking forward to the podcast. Sometimes one just needs a break. We definitely won’t be skipping anything for the final two episodes. See you all on Tuesday for our reaction pod. We’ll try to cover 6×11 feedback then if it makes sense.


6×11 Reactions

Dan and Olga react to The 100 Season 6 Episode 11 entitled “Ashes to Ashes.” This is our “first reactions” podcast where we give you our impressions directly following the episode. It goes up both as an audio podcast and as a video on Please send us your feedback for our longer review audio podcast out Sunday by 7pm EST!

For a direct link to the audio click here.

6×09: What You Take With You Review

On this week’s podcast Dan and Olga review The 100 season 6 episode 9 entitled “What You Take With You.” We give our thoughts on the episode and read listener feedback. The music for this episode is “Disappointment” by Brian Altano. Please send any feedback to @The100Podcast on Twitter. Thanks for listening!

For a direct link to the audio click here.