5×04 “Pandora’s Box” Reaction Vid

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Author: Daniel

Hey there, 26 year old TV junkie, podcaster, and aspiring screenwriter here. I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Film Studies and I love watching TV almost as much as I love criticizing it. My favorite shows include Buffy, The 100, Doctor Who, LOST, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and so many more. Podcasting has been a passion of mine for over 7 years and I've covered a wide variety of (what I'd consider) guilty pleasure TV. This includes everything from Glee to MTV's Scream, to Girl Meets World. I love diving deep into a show, dissecting its storytelling, and commenting on the social and representational messages it provides. Currently, I reside in the Greater Boston area where I do freelance video editing for numerous companies. I've made several short films and I'm currently converting my basement into a mini studio so that I can build a YouTube channel. In my free time I design amateur video games using the Unity Game Engine and go to comedy shows with my wonderful girlfriend.

One thought on “5×04 “Pandora’s Box” Reaction Vid”

  1. I have the really bad feeling that either Murphy or Raven might end up needing that cure Abby is supposed to develop, since they are now exposed to all those people on Eligius who may have whatever needs curing. But I really hope I’m wrong, Murphy was a bio weapon once before and Raven surely has been put thru enough physical harm, right?
    Since everyone in the bunker keeps talking about Octavia’s mother and that her crime was having her, how exactly did they handle the whole having children thing in the bunker? I mean then again, we still know very little about the way the sky people contraceptive implants work. Do both genders have them? Because if only women do, how did that work out for Murphy and Emori? And Octavia wouldn’t have had one as an illegal child right? Did she get one when she was caught? Why would they waste the resources on someone in a prison cell or someone they are sending to the ground to die?
    If all the bunker people and all the Eligius people really want to live together in Eden, it will be really crowded. I mean all together they are about 1200 people, if I’m not wrong, that’s not a lot, but Eden is not that big. Even if they all would get along, that would be a problem.
    I’m really glad Kane told Octavia that what she was doing with the fighting pit was far from justice and that Bellamy instantly recognised where she got the idea from. And no I definitely didn’t have to rewind some of the fighting scenes because I was comparing the weapons they used to the typology charts from my archaeology textbooks… Not at all. (They look really cool and seem realistic based on how blades used to be fixated to handles and how that would change with the materials they have.)
    I’m a little disappointed that they completely ignored Madi, Monty, Harper, Emori and Echo this episode. But generally I really liked the episode, I love the Raven and Murphy stuff, and Raven sending Shaw that bird was amazing. All those reunions were really heart-warming even if the Blake siblings went back to being at odds five seconds later. When was the last time they got along for longer then two minutes? Season 2 maybe?
    I think the title Pandora’s Box can reference both the opening of the bunker and opening the pods. Especially if opening the pods released the illness or virus that the Eligius people seem to have a problem with.
    I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the episode, the podcast will be great to pass at least part of the annoyingly long train ride I have to do tomorrow.


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